Privacy policy

We take your privacy seriously and act within the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulative of the EU. 
As a general rule we do not track or store personal data from our customers or website visitors without consent. 

The data we store are contact details within established customer portfolios or information actively supplied by the customer used in order to meet supplier/customer requirements, and in some cases publicly available details used to follow up business opportunities.

We do not share stored information with any third-party component, and the data is solely used for internal business purposes. 

If you for any reason would require to have insight into the data stored, a wish to correct, have the information deleted or have other questions related to privacy we will meet such requests immediately. 

Please notify us by email [email protected] for Pareto Shipbrokers AS and [email protected] for Pareto Shipbrokers Ltd and we will start processing your request.