Pareto Shipbrokers has worked extensively in the Subsea Telecoms market where we have assisted the major telecoms players and contractors on major projects including innovative newbuildings with offshore capabilities, conversions, sale and purchase and long term charters.

We were involved in chartering the first DP vessels for use installing and maintaining fibre optic cables and used this experience to re-purpose several vessels from the Oil & Gas market during its downturn in the late 1990s into the Subsea Telecoms market as the offshore sector went into decline and telecoms demand surged in the search for more bandwidth.

The early 2000s saw an overnight decline in the Subsea Telecoms market due to technological advancements in cable capacities through each fibre. This resulted in many vessels being surplus to requirements which we then helped move back into the Oil & Gas markets as this was in the midst of an upturn.